”Shattered” is a book about a man named Jacques (or Sarge) who was involved in the Rwandan Genocide. Jacques has a drinking problem and is homeless. While getting served at The Club, he met a boy named Ian who was volunteering to serve the food.

Ian tries to help Jacques through his rough past and also tries to encourage him to stop drinking. Ian teaches Jacques that every life is special because Jacques thinks he is worthless. In the end, Ian had ended up helping out Jacques a lot.

Character – Ian
Personality Traits – caring, curious, nice, honest, considerate, intimidated, worried, passionate, and helpful.
Examples From the Book – He looks up facts about the Rwandan Genocide.
-He always goes to help out at The Club (a food shelter for the poor)
-He tells his true feelings (tells ‘’Sarge’’ to stop drinking)

Character – Mac
Personality Traits – nice, caring, helpful, optimistic, strict, joker, determined.
Examples From the Book – He cooks the food at The Club.
-He does rounds (looking around for homeless people) to give them the essentials that they need.
-He has strict rules at the club, for example Each person eating at The Club is only allowed to have one serving of whatever he is serving each.

Character – ‘’Sarge’’
Personality Traits – friendly, easy-going, brave, strong, positive, violent, emotional, passionate, sensitive, lost, traumatized.
Examples From the Book – He was apart of the Rwandan Genocide.
-He beat up the three thugs that were attacking Ian on the street.
-He talks very nicely to Ian when Ian asks him questions about his experience in the Rwandan Genocide.
-When ‘’Sarge’’ is outside and looking at tree branches, he sees human limbs instead of tree branches.

Character – Berta
Personality Traits – nice, paranoid, mother-like, caring, smart, loving, comforting, strong, supportive.
Examples From the Book – She locks the doors as tight as a drum each and every night.
-She does a lot for Ian and his family.
-She’s very dedicated to history.

Character – Ian’s Mother
Personality Traits – careless, uninterested, irresponsible.
Examples From the Book – She asked Ian if there is another place he could help out at. (She thought The Club looked dirty and unsafe).
-She doesn’t seem to listen or understand Ian.

Character – Ian’s Father
Personality Traits – uninvolved (isolated from his family), bribes, careless.
Examples From the Book – He will buy Ian cars to repay for not being around.
-Doesn’t phone or check up on his family.

Character – Ian’s Classmates
Personality Traits – jokers, rude, smart.
Examples From the Book – Some classmates pick on Ian.
-They yell out things that are sometimes inappropriate or the answer to what the teacher asked.
-Know good answers.

Character – Ian’s Civics’ Teacher
Personality Traits – caring, nice, welcoming, encouraging, honest.
Examples From the Book – She encourages Ian to talk in front of the whole class about his experiences with ‘’Sarge’’.
-She encourages him to do better in Civics.
-She told Ian that he can call her if he needs to talk about anything.
-Talks to him like a mother.

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