Horror: tense and profound fear, something that inspires dislike: something horrible

Folklore: the traditional beliefs, customs, stories, songs, and dances of a culture

Folktale: an anonymous, traditional story passed down orally, long before being written down

Oral Tradition: literature that passes by word of mouth from one generation to another

Myth: a traditional story of anonymous origin that explains the beliefs or practices of a people; May deal with Gods, heroes, or supernatural events

Tall-Tale: an imaginative tale of adventures or amazing feats of North American Folk heroes

Legend: a traditional story handed down orally and believed to be based on HISTORY

Urban Legend: a short tale that is told and re-told as true, although it usually has little or no basis in reality

Suspense: a feeling of curiosity, uncertainty or dread about what is going to happen in a literary work.

Imagery: language that emphasizes sense impressions that help the reader see, hear feel, touch, and taste things described in a work of literature

Direct Characterization:  A method of characterization where a narrator directly makes statements about a character’s appearance or personality.

Indirect Characterization: A method of characterization where a character’s appearance or personality is revealed though his or her words, thoughts or actions—or what other characters/ narrators say about him or her throughout the story.  ***We are learning about our character indirectly!

Allusion: A reference to a famous person, place, event or work of literature.  Allusions are sometimes recognizable and sometimes not.

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