Greek God RelationshipRoleAttributeRoman Counterpart
Zeushusband and brother of HeraKing and father of gods, sky.Thunderbolt, eagle.Jupiter
Herawife and sister of ZeusQueen and mother of gods; women, marriage, maternity.veil, cuckoo, pomegranate, peacockJuno
AthenaDaughter of Zeus, but not of Hera. Sprung from the head of Zeus fully-formed.war (strategy), wisdom, weaving, protector of AthensOwl, Armor, shield, gorgoneion (head of Medusa on breast plate)Minerva
Aresson of Hera and Zeuswar, strife, blind courageArmorMars
AphroditeHomer: daughter of Zeus and Dione (a Titan);Hesiod: she sprung from the sea foam that formed around the severed genitals of, beautyCupid, Eros (her son)Venus
Apolloson of Zeus and Leto (daughter of the Titans Coeüs and Pheobe); brother of Artemissolar light, reason, prophecy, medicine, musiclyre, bow, quiverPhoebus


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