Q1.  Who joins Bernardo, the watchman, on his watch of the castle?

Marcellus and Horatio joins Bernardo on his watch of the castle.

Q2. What do Marcellus and Bernardo want to show Horatio?

They want to show him a ghost.

Q3. What proves to Horatio that the ghost is that of the King?

It was wearing the same armor as the King, when he fought the King of Norway.

Q4. Who is Fortinbras?

He is the King of Norway.

Q5. Who is now married to King Hamlet’s wife? In a well-developed paragraph, explain whether or not you believe he is truly in love with Gertrude or why you believe he married her. (no personal pronouns, Topic statement, PEI for two to three points and a concluding statement).

Claudius is married to Hamlet’s mother Gertrude. Even though he shows affection toward her doesn’t mean he loves her. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he married Gertrude to become king, since the ghost explains to Hamlet, “thus was I, sleeping, by a brother’s hand of life, of Crown, of Queen at once dispatched, cut off even in the blossoms of my sin” It shows how greedy he became and all he cared about was having power, and for that, he killed his own brother and used his wife for his own benefit. Claudius seems to have both qualities good and evil, it is evident since he does not hurt Gertrude and gives her respect and cares about her.

Q6. Why is Claudius mourning?

           He is mourning, because the King was his brother.

Q7. What do Claudius and Gertrude want Prince Hamlet to do?

They want him to stop mourning about his father’s death.

Q8. What does Prince Hamlet contemplate doing because he is so upset?

He wants to commit suicide.

Q9. What does Fortinbras want from Claudius?

            He wants to take revenge of his father’s death and want his land back.

Q10. What does Laertes warn Ophelia about?

He warns her to be stay away from Hamlet.

Q11. What is Laertes’ main objection to Ophelia’s feelings?

             He tells her that Hamlet is using her and this relationship won’t last long.

Q12. When Laertes shared Ophelia’s actions and feelings with Polonius, how does he react.

              He gets mad at her and orders her to never meet Hamlet again.

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