• An object, person or place that is too spiritually powerful for anyone to come into contact is called a _________
  • Taboo
  • For indigenous religions, the goal of life is to live with nature in balance or _________
  • Harmony
  • Indigenous religions clearly make a distinction between what is sacred and what is not sacred.
  • When it comes to the destiny of human beings, some indigenous religions hold that your afterlife does not go beyond your grave.
  • TRUE
  • A number of indigenous religions believe that one god created the world but left the world to be run by other gods. This creator is called a _________
  • High god
  • Indigenous religions are always very basic or simple.
  • Indigenous religions are sometimes hard to study because they are complex.
  • TRUE
  • Indigenous religions always see time in _________
  • Cycles
  • A “voodoo doll” is an example of sympathetic or _________
  • Imitative
  • Men or women who have the ability to enter the world of the gods are called _________
  • Shamans
  • Shamans would include Moses, Israelite prophets, Muhammad.
  • TRUE
  • The practice of discovering the will of the gods is called _________
  • Divination
  • A high god in indigenous religions requires universal worship by the members of that religion.
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