• Which of the following are parts of the Tao Tsang?
    • Numinous Treasure, Three Sovereigns, Supreme Clarity
  • The Yijing (I Ching) is formed with 64
    • Hexagrams
  • The Tao Tsang is divided into the
    • Three Caverns
  • The Tao Te Ching is often called the
    • Laozi
  • The term that refers to methods of meditation concerning the One is
    • Shouyi
  • ____ makes the person who practices it the lord of all fame
    • Nonaction
  • The term used in Daoism for holding one’s breath in contemplation is
    • Taixi
  • The ruler of Heaven or T’ien is
    • Shang Di
  • The social ethic of Daoism is largely concerned with
    • Government
  • During the Song dynasty, Daoists identified ____ ____ as the Jade Emperor
    • Shang Di
  • The way of the Dao includes a peaceful harmony of
    • Opposites
  • Because of its moral character, Daoism developed the doctrine of reward for virtue and punishment for evil in an afterlife.
    • FALSE
  • Ling Bao, the Jade Emperor and Laozi are the
    • Three Purities
  • The gods of Daoism are the
    • Three Purities
  • Tao follows its own
    • Nature
  • The balance between Yin and Yang is the
    • Dao
  • The Tao Tsang is the Taoist or Daoist
    • Canon
  • “Use non-action to __ __ __”
    • Win the world
  • The T’ai-shang deals with
    • Retribution
  • The concept of unnecessary action in Chinese thought it called
    • Wuwei
  • An important student of Laozi was _________, who expanded the teachings of the Dao De Jing.
    • Zhuangzi
  • The man who dreamed he was a butterfly was
    • Zhuangzi
  • Daoists actually believe that Laozi’s disciples actually wrote down the Tao Te Ching.
    • TRUE
  • The Positive Force of Nature that includes warmth, light, masculinity and the sun is
    • Yang
  • The abode of the Great Spirits and the Impersonal force and cosmic moral principle is Tian or T’ien.
    • TRUE
  • According to Daoism wars are due to prideful rulers or kings.
    • TRUE
  • Afterlife is an important part of Philosophical Daoism.
    • FALSE
  • Today in modern China, Daoism is known primarily for its philosophical teachings rather than the practices of Religious Daoism.
    • FALSE
  • According to Daoism the only time you should go to war is for righting wrongs and overthrowing tyrants
    • FALSE
  • Like Hinduism and Buddhism, one experiences the Dao by leaving behind one’s desires.
    • TRUE
  • The things that get in the way of living life according to the Dao is wealth, power, education and
    • FAMILY
  • Accidents, disease and earthquakes are attributed to the spirits called
    • Kuei
  • However you describe the Dao, that is not it.
    • TRUE
  • For those who do not honor their deceased parents, when they die they will become ___ ___
    • Homeless Ghosts
  • Chinese deities associated with the sun and Spring are the
    • Shen
  • The defied ancestor who supported the Zhou rebellion against the Shang Dynasty was ___ ___
    • Shang Di
  • One manner of achieving immortality according to Religious Daoism is to eat ___ and drink ___
    • Gold, Mercury
  • The ideal society according to Daoism is a ___ ___
    • Small Village
  • According to Daoism we should banish wisdom and discard
    • Knowledge
  • According to Daoism you should govern a great nation as you would
    • Cook a small fish
      The syncretistic nature of Chinese religion and culture is illustrated in the story of “ __ __ __ __ __”
    • the Emperor and the Buddhist scholar
  • The Dao De Jing teachings about the harmony of
    • Opposites
  • Daoism for the Many is what scholars call __ Daoism.
    • Religious
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