Relationship Description Evidence
Claudius and Gertrude Gertrude is trusting of Claudius When Hamlet kills Polonius, Gertrude confides in Claudius.
Claudius loves Gertrude to an extent Claudius stops Gertrude from drinking the poisoned wine that was meant for Hamlet.
Gertrude protects Claudius Gertrude is always defending Claudius. For example, when Claudius is disturbed by Hamlet’s play, she promises to put an end to Hamlet’s behavior.
Claudius and Hamlet Hamlet despises Claudius Hamlet is bitter toward Claudius because he killed late King Hamlet and took Gertrude from him as well.
Claudius fears Hamlet Claudius sees Hamlet as a threat because Hamlet knows about Claudius’ crime and Claudius knows what Hamlet is capable of in defending his father.
Claudius and Hamlet compete for Gertrude’s love/attention In Gertrude’s chamber (before Hamlet kills Polonius), Hamlet pleads for Gertrude to stay away from Claudius. When Claudius suggests that Hamlet should see him as a father, part of his intent is to boast the fact that Claudius has Gertrude’s love.
Hamlet and Laertes Laertes doesn’t respect Hamlet Laertes tells Ophelia that Hamlet’s love is untrue, that he isn’t trustworthy, and she should stay away from him.
Hamlet feels superior to Laertes Hamlet thinks he is a better swordsman and loves Ophelia more than Laertes.
Hamlet and Laertes are in competition Laertes tries to convince Ophelia to stop seeing Hamlet. Hamlet wants to duel with Laertes when he discovers Laertes’ skill.
Polonius and Laertes Polonius does not trust Laertes Polonius sends Reynaldo to France to check up on Laertes.
Polonius cares for Laertes Polonius gives Laertes a long advising lecture about how he can succeed in France.
Laertes truly loves Polonius Laertes tries to avenge Polonius’ death and give him a proper and honorable funeral.
Hamlet and the Ghost The Ghost grounds Hamlet When Hamlet verbally abuses Gertrude, the Ghost comes and tells him to calm down and remember his purpose.
Hamlet is skeptical of the Ghost’s intentions Hamlet puts on a play to check if the Ghost was telling the truth.
. The Ghost influences Hamlet’s actions After hearing the Ghost’s story, Hamlet decides to take revenge.
Gertrude and Hamlet Gertrude is loyal to Hamlet When Gertrude discovers the wine is poisoned, she immediately tells Hamlet he shouldn’t drink it.
Gertrude is scared of Hamlet Gertrude asks Hamlet if he is going to kill her almost immediately after he enters her chambers.
Hamlet is obsessed with Gertrude Hamlet is more upset with Gertrude’s remarrying than with his father’s murder.
Hamlet and Ophelia Hamlet is emotionally abusive to Ophelia Hamlet sends mixed sexual messages to Ophelia.
Ophelia loves Hamlet Ophelia is reluctant to believe Polonius when he says that Hamlet does not love her.
Ophelia deceives Hamlet Ophelia allows Claudius and Polonius to spy on her.
Rozencrantz and Guildenstern and Claudius R&G are loyal to Claudius R&G go to try and find out what is wrong with Hamlet at Claudius’ bidding.
Claudius controls R&G R&G obeys Claudius’ every command without question.
R&G respect the hierarchy R&G are loyal to Claudius because he is the most powerful.
Hamlet and Horatio Trusting Hamlet sends Horatio a letter telling him of his plan to come back.
Supportive He helped Hamlet with his plans and gave Claudius the letter as he was instructed.
Loyalty He offered to die with Hamlet even though Hamlet told him not to.
Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Distrusting He suspects them of being in cahoots with the king and queen.
Caring In the beginning, R&G did have his best interests in mind and came from England to help.
Disloyal R&G take the side of the king and queen instead of helping Hamlet. They’re supposed to be Hamlet’s friends but they have ulterior motives.
Polonius and Ophelia Submissive Ophelia drops all feelings for Hamlet and starts ignoring him because her father tells her to.
Controlling Polonius disregards her emotions for his personal agenda.
Caring Polonius is looking out for Ophelia’s best interest when he tells her not to see Hamlet anymore.
Laertes and Ophelia Loving Laertes was loving in a parental way toward Ophelia.
Respect She idolizes and listens to what he has to say.
Protective Laertes thinks he needs to watch over her and protects her.

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