A conductor is a substance in which electrons can move freely from one atom to another.

An insulator is a substance in which electrons cannot move from one atom to another.

Common Conductors and Insulators

Good Conductors Fair Conductors Good Insulators (Non-conductors)
Silver Carbon Oil
Copper Human body Fur
Gold Moist human skin Silk
Aluminum Acid solutions Wool
Magnesium Salt water Rubber
Tungsten Earth Porcelain, glass
Nickel Water vapour (in air) Plastic
Mercury Wood
Platinum Paper
iron Wax
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  1. Thank you so much; But most of the examples of conductors are metals.
    Are metals are the best conductors? If any other examples of conductors?

    • Metals are considered the best conductors, but diamond is a good heat conductor as well, but it is also an electrical insulator.

  2. can you add more semi conductor’s because they are the most confusing but otherwise GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Conductors are all the metals like aluminium ,copper etc….and insulators are the materials which can’t conduct electricity like rubber ,silk,paper

  4. helped me with my math home work but make list longer I still have to fill in more insulators and conductors

  5. I would say thanks but there has been like 100 thanks given in the last messages so I’ll say…. Much a obliged peewee 😉

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