Provide the employer a list of references upon request.
Do not include the reference list when you send your resume or fill in an application.
Have your references on a separate piece of paper.
Provide the prospective employer with the list of references when they ask for it.
Be sure to request permission from your references to use them as references before you include them on the list. You do not want them to be surprised or upset when a prospective employer calls them for a reference.

Physics: Lab Report Style

Include all contact information for your references:

Full Address
Telephone number

Example of a Reference List:

Reference List

Ms. Nadia Teach
Ching  Car Rental
1360 Williams Parkway
Brampton, Ontario

L6J 2P3

416 879-156l

Mr. C. Bert Thomas

Bert Electirc
197 Tired Tires
Weston, Ontario

K8K 1K4

Mrs.  Manpreet Singh
Vice President, Marketing
Tim Hortons
Donut  Tower
135 Boston Crème Court
Toronto,  Ontario

J8J 1H5

647 765-0987

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