LusterMetals reflects light from their surface and can be polished for example in gold, silver and copper.Nonmetals does not reflect light.They are not lustrous.
MalleabilityMetals can withstand hammering and can be shaped into thin sheets such as foils.Nonmetals are non-malleable.Metalloids are not malleable.
DuctilityMetals can be inserted into cables.Nonmetals are not ductile.Metalloids are not ductile.
Thermal conductivityMetals are good conductors of heat because they have free electrons.Nonmetals are poor conductors of heat.Metalloids are semiconductors of heat.
Electrical conductivityMetals such as silver and copper are great conductors of electricity.Nonmetals are poor conductors of electricity.Metalloids are semiconductors of electricity.
StateMetals are room-temperature solids except for mercury and gallium.Most of those non-metals occur at room temperature in two of the three states of matter.Metalloids are solid at room temperature.

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