• The name Mary means “wise woman” or “lady”
  • She came from a town called Magdala on the western side of the Sea of Galilee
  • The story of Mary Magdalene contains four different episodes, Mary Magdalene as a disciple of Jesus, Mary at the crucifixion, Mary prepared Jesus’ body for the burial and Mary witnesses the resurrection.
  • Mary has been incorrectly portrayed as a prostitute for reasons such as she was confused with a woman from another story, she was described with having a serious illness which many linked to her sexuality and she is represented as sinful woman compared with Mary of Nazareth.
  • Jesus cured Mary Magdalene from a serious illness
  • As Jesus taught throughout the country he was accompanied by a group of men led by Peter and a group of woman led by Mary Magdalene.
  • This group of woman helped Jesus survive finically.
  • Mathew in (26:56) makes the point that the male disciples deserted Jesus prior to his execution while the woman remained near Jesus.
  • However the male disciples could have been seen as conspirators and gotten arrested if they stood to close.
  • After the execution the woman intended to wash and anoint the body of Jesus.
  • However they arrived at Jesus’ tomb and it was empty.
  • Mary Magdalene then had a profound revelation where she heard and saw Jesus.
  • Jesus told her to spread his story and therefore she is considered an apostle of Jesus.
  • However many see her as an “apostle to the apostles”.

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