Name of Colony Date Founded Reason For Colony’s Establishment Founder Primary Economic Base
Plymouth (Massachusetts) 1620 Separatists who desired to remain separate from the Anglican Church went to Plymouth William Bradford Agriculture(fishing, corn), Manufacturing (lumbering, shipbuilding)
Salem (Massachusetts) 1630 English society was corrupt and as many people needed to be evacuated as possible John Winthrop Agriculture(fishing, corn), Manufacturing (lumbering, shipbuilding)
New Hampshire (fishing village) 1623 To establish a fishing village John Mason Agriculture (Fish)
Exeter (New Hampshire, official discovery) 1638 Founded by John Wheelright who was banished for defending his outlawed sister Anne Hutchinson John Wheelright Agriculture (potatoes and fishing), Manufacturing (textiles, shipbuilding)
Providence (Rhode Island) 1636 Disagreed with the theocracy being created in Rhode Island and was expelled Roger Williams Agriculture (meat, dairy,fishing), Manufacturing (Lumbering)
Connecticut(Hartford, Wethersfield, Windsor) 1636-1639 Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts after being left out of leadership. He started his own colony in Connecticut. Thomas Hooker Agriculture (wheat, corn, fishing)

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