Name of ColonyDate FoundedReason for Colony’s EstablishmentFounderPrimary Economic Base
Roanoke(Virginia)1587To establish themselves in NAJohn WhiteN/A-did not last long enough
Jamestown(Virginia)1607To find gold and a water route to AsiaCaptain John SmithTobacco
MarylandMarch 25, 1634To create a place where English Catholics could goLord BaltimoreTobacco
North Carolina1653Settled to provide a buffer line for the southKing Charles IITobacco
Charleston(South Carolina)1663Colony was given to farmers who had been kicked off carribbean islandsKing Charles IITobacco
GeorgiaApril 21, 1732To re-settle English people in debt and poor peopleJames OgelthorpeTobacco
The Lost Colony at Roanoke

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