Name of Colony Date Founded Reason For Colony’s Establishment Founder Primary Economic Base
New Jersey(New Netherlands) 1623 by Dutch, 1664 by English Originally settled by Dutch in 1623. Taken over by British. Proprietary grant made by Duke of York to George Carteret and Lord Berkeley English Colonists Manufacturing (ironworking, lumbering)
New York (New Amsterdam) 1624 by Dutch, 1664 by English Exploratory colony for the Netherlands Peter Minuit and other Dutch sailors Manufacturing (shipbuilding, iron works), Agriculture (cattle, grain, rice, indigo, wheat)
Pennsylvania 1682 A grant fiven to William Penn by King Charles II to set up a quaker colony in Pennsylvania (Penn’s woods) William Penn Agriculture (wheat, corn, cattle, dairy), Manufacturing (textiles, papermaking, shipbuilding)
Delaware 1638 by Swedish, 1655 by Dutch, 1664 by English Discovered for exploratory purposes by Sweden and made into a proprietary colony by British. Peter Minuit Agriculture (fishing), Manufacturing (lumbering)
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