of Protists:

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  • Eukaryotic
  • Most unicellular, some multicellular
  • Some have a cell wall, some do not
  • Some are motile, some are not
  • Some have pigments, some do not
  • Many different feeding methods (phototrophic, heterotrophic, etc.)
  • Most aerobic
  • No complex sex organs – no embryos
  • Lack specialized features of fungi, animals and plants

Classifying Protists:

Three groups, based on their type of nutrition

  • Animal-like Protists (Protozoa)
    • Heterotrophs that ingest or absorb their food
  • Plant-like Protists (Algae)
    • Autotrophs that carry out photosynthesis
  • Fungus-like Protists (Slime Moulds and Water Moulds)
    • Also Heterotrophs

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The Carbon Cycle
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