There are many ways to travel responsibly and still have fun! Here are some good tips to be a responsible traveller:

  • Don’t always go for the pre-packaged vacation – it is convenient, but much of your money spent goes to big companies, rather than to support the local economy of the place you are visiting. Try and put as much of your money into local hands as possible.
  • Think small – there is some correlation between size and ethics. Chances are, many small motels or guesthouses do not exploit their workers as much as larger, upper-class hotels do. Also, they use up less energy and consume fewer resources – good for the environment.
  • Eat local food! Again, this will help the local economy, and you get a taste of authentic food, rather than imported delicacies.
  • Be generous! Paying a little bit more for something, rather than bargaining, might just help a family put food on the table for dinner that night.
  • Research eco-tours – be sure they are not harming the local environment that they say they are protecting. Always do your research – and if you are not sure, ask questions!
  • Be sensitive to local customs and religious practices. If the locals are covered up, then don’t you think you should be too? Ensure you research what type of clothing is appropriate, and some of the traditional religious practices so you don’t offend anyone.
  • Be environmentally friendly by using public transportation where available. It saves you not only money, but helps the environment by sending less pollution into the air.
  • Fly non-stop if possible. This reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with flying, since you only have to take-off once.
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