Discuss three comedy techniques which were explained by Rowan Atkinson and then used in Dad’s army” Comedy is a part of life displayed naturally in daily tasks and professionally in movies and theatres. Comedy has so many types, the most prominent of which is visual comedy. There are various comedy techniques displayed in Dad’s army, which were explained in Funny business. Visual comedy plays a significant part in forming the basis which Dad’s army revolves around, as well as Physical, verbal comedy and the use of clothes. The comedian’s acts usually related to the audiences’ fantasies.  Visual comedy plays a significant part in Dad’s army.

Visual comedy liberates human beings from reality, objects are given new meanings and values, it explores the subconscious of the audiences’ minds giving them the freedom to create. For example, in one scene, the highest officer is explaining how to board a small boat to his soldiers, constantly accusing them of not being able to do things right. As soon as he places his foot on the boat a breeze blows the boat further into the water thus making the officer fall. This scene consists of many branches of visual comedy, hypocrisy, and contradiction.

The social expectation was completely, unexpectedly broken, making it more humorous. The comedians’ engagement with the audience in terms of desire was very effective, in other words, the comedians did what the audience wanted to happen, not what they expected. The fact that the high officer was accusing the soldiers of basically being clumsy supplied him with a more humorous but unexpected contradiction.

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The imitated faces, although not exaggerated made this scene more realistic, “the more realistic the comedy is the funnier” Rowan Atkinson, funny business.  Physical and verbal comedy was part of Dad’s army and was explained in funny business. The highest officer is an example of a physical comedian, very different and always Counteracting problems in a unique but strange way. On the other hand, his “helper” is a good example of a verbal comedian, sharper and smarter. Between these two actors, there is ongoing competitiveness, which the helper does not even realize.

The high officer is jealous of his helper simply because he is more accepted in society. This is childish, and childishness falls into the category of physical comedy. For example, in another scene, an old soldier falls asleep on the chair while an officer is calling him and demanding that he gets up. Suddenly he wakes up and says “did anyone call me”, the old man was acting as though he were a child, giving life a whole new meaning.

There is another person who, when is in a vulnerable position and gives up, always expresses his pessimistic attitude towards the rest of his platoon, which is, again, a childish attitude. In Rowans’ documentary, he mentions ” with every new attitude there is a new joke”. Placing the high officer with the helper displayed a number of comedy techniques, also how the high officer counter-acted the sharp helpers’ comments was very effective.

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The childish techniques were applied by giving an old man a childish character because the bond that old men carry with children is much stronger than young men with children.  Clothes shape the way audiences perceive the character.

Clothes helped convey humorous hints. In another scene, a platoon marches out with a few of their men wearing wedding dresses for no obvious reason. “Unexpectedness proves humorous” in Rowan Atkinson’s video. Clothes can also be a way of hiding emotions or deceiving the audiences’ expectations. The effectiveness of the use of clothes was important in making the scene more appealing.

The way of applying this type of comedy was simply through the clothes being worn in the wrong situation.  There are various comedy techniques displayed in Dad’s army, which were explained in Funny business. Visual comedy plays a significant part in Dad’s army as well as physical, verbal comedy and the use of clothes.

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