Salvation and Eternal Life & the Last Judgment

  • Christians believe that Jesus was human and that he suffered in his last days in order to accomplish forgiveness of sin
  • Adam and Eve disobeyed God and as a result, broke the relationship between Humanity and God.
  • Jesus was sent to mend that relationship and forgive sin
  • It is believed that once a Christian repents (asks for forgiveness and shows his/her true allegiance to God) they will be forgiven and allowed to live eternity in heaven.

The Last Judgment

  • It is believed that Jesus will return to earth and finish what he started
  • When he does, Jesus’ purpose will be to make the Last Judgment
  • The Last Judgment is to determine which humans will join him, body and south in heaven

o   This includes those Christians who have already died – they will rise  from the dead and will live for eternity in heaven with God

  • If a person has not repented or lived a Christian life (following the rules as outlined by Jesus) they will punished with eternal suffering in hell
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