Company Background

Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is Canada’s largest pharmacy chain with over 1,132 stores from coast to coast. It was founded by a Toronto pharmacist named Murray Koffler in 1962. Shoppers Drug Mart was once a small pharmacy in Toronto owned by the Koffler family and it was originally named Koffler’s Drugs.

Koffler believed that it was possible to build a national organization of pharmacies without sacrificing the personalized service of the local community pharmacist. ( He ran with this idea and soon owned 17 Shoppers Drug Mart stores later that same year. He renamed his company Shoppers Drug Mart that same year.

Mission Statement

Shoppers Drug Mart has one vision and that is “to be the leader in helping Canadians discover a healthier outlook on life.” This mission statement is supported by a set of core values that drive them towards their vision.

Core Values:

  • Ownership
  • Accountability
  • Passion for results
  • Customer-driven innovation
  • People and community

Store-Brand Trademarks

In 1983 Shoppers Drug Mart welcomed their newest CEO David bloom and with the new CEO came many changes. Between 1983 and 2001 David’s leadership prompted the creation of new brands recognized only by Shoppers Drug Mart Stores. These brands are now trademarks of Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. Some of these brands include:

  • HealthWatch  (pharmacy brand)
  • PharmExpert  (pharmacy brand)
  • Life Brand  (food, medicine, toiletries, etc)
  • Quo  (cosmetics brand)
  • Shoppers Optimum  (points card)

These in-store brands are synonymous with their compare and save sale stickers. These brands are compared to similar products, with a much higher price.  These Shopper’s brands allow shoppers to save money with their brands as opposed to a more popular brand. Ex Band-Aid Brand Bandaids compared to the much cheaper, Life Brand Bandaids, the store brand is always cheaper and this is shown on the sale stickers.

Shoppers Optimum Card

The Shoppers Optimum Card is a reward program that allows customers to collect points when shopping at Shoppers and scanning their card. The Optimum card is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart and any customer can apply for one. They are free to own and you collect points every time u shop at Shoppers Drug Mart. A customer receives 10 points for every dollar and these points add up and once you reach so many points, they can be redeemed for store credit.

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