According to N.C.A.A. rules, college athletes are not to receive any windfall from any merchandise sold- even if they are tho only reason people buy it. In other words, even if the merchandise is purchased solely because of an athlete’s popularity, that athlete receives no money.

For example, how many University of Michigan basketball fans would have bought jerseys with number four on the back if Chris Webber did not wear it first?

The student athletes are not permitted to have jobs during the school year. Scholarship athletes’ incomes are limited to their room and board check, per diem money on road trips, and whatever money their families can spare.

If the school is turning a profit off an athlete, shouldn’t the athlete receive their own fair share?


Student athletes should be treated the same as the other university students. They already have many added perks that put them ahead of other pupils.

In the classroom, they receive special consideration like specific notes and study guides. Also, lucrative summer jobs are seemingly always lined up for them. For example, Dugan Fife, former captain of the University of Michigan basketball team, was employed by the Detroit Lion’s front office one summer.

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Also, if the student athletes feel cheated because their university is turning a profit from their name and likeness, they are obviously good players who will go on to play professional sports anyway. They should be able to wait and in a few years they’ll be in a professional league, raking in ridiculous amounts of money.

College athletes should not receive income from their universities. They are already getting a free education and memories that will last forever.

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Gordon D,
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Nina DeSilva
5 years ago

Very helpful with my school essay

Tyler Troy
Tyler Troy
5 years ago

I don’t think they should be paid they already have a scholarship to the school for sports.

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Jeremy D
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Helped me a lot! Thanks