The British forcing the Acadians out of Acadia was not fair by any stretch of the imagination. First of all, these Acadians had built up a society for over 100 years in Acadia and it is not fair for them to be just forced out. Second, the Acadians had been able to live peacefully with the English after the conquest, and this makes the expulsion unnecessary. Finally, the Acadians had worked hard on the farmland of the area, and the British suddenly out of envy decided that it should be theirs. All three of these are unjust reasons for the British to banish the Acadians.

The first reason in which the Acadians should not have been kicked out Acadia was the fact that they had built a society over 100 years. The Acadians took care of themselves with subsistence farming. They had clearly shown that they were a self-sufficient people. Suddenly, the British decide one day that they have the right to completely destroy this society with the snap of a finger. Within one night, a society which had been built up over 100 years was suddenly destroyed. There is no way to say that that is a necessary cause. Second, the Acadians had been able to live peacefully with the British for over 40 years after their conquest. The Acadians had proven that they were not of any threat to the English in terms of an uprising. They had also shown themselves to be good workers based on the fact that they were already self-sufficient before the English colonization.  This act of random expulsion was unfair on the basis that the English weren’t going to lose anything from having the Acadians living off the land and farming. Finally, it is unfair that the British one day decided that they had the right to kick the Acadians off the farmland because they needed it more. The British obviously have a history of this however. They did the exact same to many Native tribes throughout North America. Those native tribes had also built societies which they had worked on but the British decided they needed the land more. These three reasons truly show how unjust the actions which the British took were.

The British have proved that they were very selfish and greedy throughout their period of colonization. If they felt they needed land then they did not hesitate to kick whoever the inhabitant was out. This is evident by the brash manner in which the Acadians were kicked out and also by the way in which the Native tribes were so thoughtlessly dispersed. The exile of the Acadians is a very dark and unfortunate chapter in Canada’s history and should be seen as a lesson in history for how loyal subjects should not be treated.

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