• Canada: Kanata: Indian word used by J. Cartier meaning the settlement (village) of a group of people
  • Population of 31 million +
  • 77% of its population lives in urban areas (cities)
  • Average family size is 1.2 children
  • 3% of Canada’s population are Aboriginals
  • Capital city is Ottawa, found in Ontario
  • 4/5ths of Canada’s population is Christian, with Roman Catholics the most common  religion
  • Our national sports are ice hockey and lacrosse
  • Canada has 6 timezones, 7 landform regions, 6 climatic zones
  • Mt. Logan, Yukon, is Canada’s highest peak at 6050 metres
  • 5 Great Lakes (SHMOE): Superior, Huron, Michigan (completely in USA), Ontario, Erie
  • 7.6% of Canada is covered by lakes
  • Prime Minister: Stephen Harper
  • Entered Confederation in 1867: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
  • Newest territory: Nunavut, April 1, 1999 (least populated political division)
  • Newest province: Newfoundland, 1949
  • Own flag and anthem in 1965
  • O Canada was declared in 1980
  • Canada: ranked by the UN as the #1 place to live in the world for 6 consecutive years
  • Hottest temperature: Saskatchewan, 45oC
  • Coldest temperature: Yukon, -63oC
  • Driest place: NWT (Arctic region)
  • Wettest place: BC (most precipitation)
  • The 401 is the widest highway in the world (20 lanes in places)
  • Largest cities: 1. Toronto   2. Montreal   3. Calgary
  • Largest fresh water island in the world: Manitoulin Island
  • Longest Canadian river: Mackenzie
  • Greatest river volume: St. Lawrence
  • World’s second tallest free standing structure: CN Tower
  • Largest shopping mall: West Edmonton Mall
  • Largest landform region: Canadian Shield (50% of Canada)
  • Highest population density: P.E.I.
  • Largest political area: Nunavut
  • Over ½ of Canadians own their home
  • World’s major supplier of nickel
  • Most southern city: Windsor, Ontario
  • Greatest volume of falling water: Horseshoe Falls, Niagara
  • Honeymoon capital of the world: Niagara Falls
  • Major exports: automobiles and parts
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