922 B.C.   Israel breaks up after the death of Solomon. Splits into a northern and southern kingdom with Shechm the capital of the northern half and Jerusalem as the capital of the southern half.

876 B.C. King Omri makes Samariai new capital.

842 B.C. Queen Jezebel imposes the cult of Baal. The people revolt and the Aramaeans take advantage of this opportunity and capture some land from Israel.

786 B.C.-746 B.C. Renaissance of Israel under Jerobam II.

783 B.C.-742 B.C. Renaissance of Judah under Uzziah.

750 B.C. The prophets Amos and Hosea speak out against the exploitation of the poor by the rich.

738 B.C. The Assyrians force Israel to pay a large tribute.

721 B.C. The Assyrians manage to capture Israel and deport the Jews. Judah becomes a vassal state of Assyria.

715 B.C. Hezekiah becomes King of Judah and rids the religion of Assyrian influence.

687 B.C. Assyrians attack Jerusalem.

A Brief Timeline of the Olympic Games

640 B.C.-609 B.C. King Josiah of Judah wins back some land from the Assyrians.

597 B.C. The Babylonians capture Jerusalem and deport King Jehoiadin causing the end of the Kingdom of Judah.

587 B.C.-539 B.C. The Babylonians destroy Jerusalem and cause the collapse of the Kingdom of Judah. 587 marks the beginning of the Babylonian exile which ended through the Edict of Liberation of Cyrus the Persian

538 B.C.-400 B.C. The Jews return to the Holy Land. Joshua and Zerubbabel are the religious heads of Judea. Haggai and Zechariah are the prophets in Judea.

332 B.C. Alexander the Great conquers Jerusalem.

167 B.C.-164 B.C. The Jews are persecuted and the cult of Zeus is established in their temples.

104 B.C.-37 B.C. Hasmoneans rule Judea.

63 B.C. Pompey captures Jerusalem stretching the Roman power to the Holy Land.

26 A.D.-36 A.D. Pontius Pilate is the governor of Judea.

66 A.D.-73 A.D. The Jews revolt for the first time against Rome. D. Romans destroy the temple.

The Hebrews: Military Life & Service

132 A.D.-135 A.D. The second Jewish revolt against Rome. Also known as Bar Kokhba. The Jews are destroyed in battle and the Jews are dispersed.

351 A.D. The Revolt of Patricius takes place.

637 A.D. The Arabs capture the city of Jerusalem.

1095 A.D.-1270 A.D. Crusades occur in a Christian attempt to regain the holy land which was also sacred to them.

1492 A.D. The Jews are expulsed from Spain and Ghettos are formed.

1917 A.D. Pogroms begin occurring in Russia. The rise of anti-Semitism.

1936 A.D. Hitler commands Nazis to destroy Jewish towns and blames it on hoodlums.

1939 A.D.-1945 World War II.

1948 A.D. Israel becomes a country.

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