• June 27, 1950- Truman announced that he would increase U.S. military assistance to the anti Communist forces and install a new permanent U.S. military mission in Saigon
  • May 1- Truman approved $10 million of aid
  • Truman allocated $5 million for military assistance on June 27
  • Additional $16 million on July 8.
  • By the time of the Korean armistice, the United States had assumed 80 percent of the cost of the French war with Ho Chi Minh.
  • April 1951- Truman relieved MacArthur of command after he made a number of publicized statements criticizing the president’s conduct of the war,.
  • After MacArthur’s dismissal, the administration decided to make no further attempt to “liberate” North Korea and instead concentrated on pushing back the Communist forces to the 38th parallel.
  • May 1951- the administration proposed negotiations designed to end the fighting and restore the prewar status quo.
  • June 1st Secretary General Of UN issues a statement recommending armistice along the 38th parallel
  • June 8th President Rhee made a statement opposing cease fire at the 38th parallel
  • June 30th Rhee issues a statement opposing cease fire talks
  • July 1 – Communist accept proposal for truce talks and propose to hold meeting in Kaesong during July 10-15, 10th Talks begin
  • July 15th both sides agree to neutralize the Kaesong area
  • July 26th Discuss issue of establishing the Military Demarcation Line
  • August 18th South Korea commence Operation Creeper
  • August 23rd S. Korea captures Hill 924
  • August 24th Communists refuse talks
  • 1952 Jan 5th North Korea reapplied for its entry to the UN
  • Mao did not know about this just like the Americans
  • Main slogan during time was “North Korea’s friends are our friends. North Korea’s enemy is our enemy. North Korea’s defence is our defence”
  • Outcome of Korean War suggest Mao had been right in his initial reservations about Chinese involvement.
  • “Mao proudly claims that it was Chinese not Soviet comrades who had she their blood in the cause of international communism.” M. Lynch
United States South Korea
Dead 57,356 137, 899
Wounded 92,134 450, 742
Missing in action 4,820 24, 495
Prisoner of War 7,245 8, 343
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