Event: NATO
Key Points – the countries of Western Europe and North America formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949, to protect NATO-flagthemselves from the soviet military threat.
-Members agreed that an attack on one country would be considered an attack of them all.

Event: NORAD
Key Points – the Soviet Union had built long-range bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles.
– The purpose was to track objects in space and issue warnings so that enemy aircraft and missiles can be shot down before they reach their target.
– Each camp feared that the other would start a nuclear war that would destroy much of life on Earth.

Event: Korean War
Key Points – The United States supported South Korea because the American government wanted to stop the spread of communism in Asia.
– This war stopped the North Korean invasion, but didn’t unite Korea.

Event: Vietnam War
Key Points – the communist North Vietnamese started fighting to reunite the country.
– The Vietnam War divided Americans, many supported the war.
– Others believed that American involvement was wrong and that the Vietnamese people should decide their own future.Cuban-Missile-Crisis

Event: Suez Crisis
Key Points – The Suez canal shortened the sea voyage between Europe and the Middle East, and Asia. Ships no longer had to travel all the way around Africa, so goods could be shipped more quickly and cheaply.
– In response to the seizure, Israeli, British and French troops took over the Canal Zone.
– The United Nations welcomed Pearson’s idea.

Event: Cuban Missile Crisis
Key Points – When Fidel Castro set up a communist government in Cuba in 1959, Americans became very nervous.
– The Soviet Union supported Castro and decided to place nuclear missiles on the island. The missiles could be used to attack the United States.

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