How the war was going for Germany’s army

How the war affected Germans at home in Germany


·         Hitler was in control of much of western and eastern Europe.

o   High morale.

·         Many people still remembered the horrors of the First World War.

·         Food and clothing rations were introduced.

·         Luxury goods were imported into Germany from captured territories.

o   High morale.





·         Hitler invaded the Soviet Union – “tore the heart out of the German army”.

·         Longer working hours, cutbacks on heating, and having to recycle rubbish due to the expensive war with Russian forces.

·         Civilians donated 1.5 million fur coats to keep the German army fighting in Russia warm.


·         Soldiers’ morale started to decline.

·         The “Final Solution” begins – millions of Jewish civilians are executed.

·         Women drafted into the labor force – contradicting the Nazis’ ‘traditional’ view of women.

o   Shows that desperation has started to take over.

·         The Dresden Bombing took place.  This crippled German civilians’ morale.

·         Bombing became more frequent over the next few years.


·         The tides turn – War in Europe starts to favour the Allies.

·         All efforts focused on the armament industries – postal services suspended, letterboxes closed, places of entertainment closed, etc.


·         Morale was significantly low on the front-line and the war was coming to its end.

·         Support for the Nazis was extremely weak as it was evident that the war was over.



·         Food supplies were dwindling.  3.5 million German civilians had died.

·Germany was left shattered.

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