W.W.I – “the war to end all wars?”

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Treaty of Versailles

  • Used instead of Wilson’s 14 points
  • Too punishing
  • Allies believed that they had won but gained little, while Germany and its allies believed they had been treated too harshly

Great Depression

  • Poverty and despair caused people in countries such as Italy, Spain and Germany to turn to dictators to solve their problems

League of Nations

  • U.S did not join
  • Proved powerless

New Map of Europe

  • Treaty of Versailles changes the borders of many European countries and caused much tension
  • The plan had been to give national groups their own countries but it was impossible to please everybody
  • Some Germans in Czechoslovakia and Poland

Rise of Dictators

  • Adolph Hitler – capitalized on terrible economic problems in Germany caused by Depression and reparations – 1918 loaf of bread in Germany = 2 marks, 1924 = 6 million marks
  • Elected 1933, immediately dissolved parliament and created Nazi Reich , or Empire
  • Once in power, Hitler
    • Built a large and powerful military
    • Stopped reparation payments
    • Took control of Austria and some of Czechoslovakia

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