10.  Establish a proper study area.  We recommend the kitchen or dining room table. This area should be free of distractions such as the television.  Hint – never use your bedroom as a study area.  A study area should never be too comfortable.

9.    Make studying a regular routine in your day.  “Motivation is what gets you started Habit is what keeps you going.” [Jim Ryun]   Review your notes each night and identify the important points.

8.    When studying have your mind fully active.  Study when your are most alert, not  late at night when you are tired and avoid marathon study sessions.  No cramming  the whole unit the night before. Study for about 45-50 minutes and then give yourself a 10 minute study break.

7.    When studying difficult material try to understand it first.   If all else fails just memorize it!!

6.    When studying make study notes.  Condense the material into charts, key terms, concept maps etc.  Studying is NOT just reading your notes over.  It is an active process.

5.    Do assignments right away even if they are due a few days or a week from now. That way the expectations and materials learned  are still fresh in your mind.  Hand in your labs and assignments a few days from the due date for then to review and offer suggestions for improvement.

4.    Pay attention in class.  Focus on what is being taught and why.  Try to relate the concepts learned to your daily life.  For example relating electric circuits to train tracks or chemistry to cooking.

3.    Use the textbook.  It is a great resource for all areas of the curriculum including Knowledge, Thinking and Inquiry and Application questions.

2.   Start now!!  Don’t make the mistake so many students before you have – “I’ll start trying and studying when it really counts!”  Studying is like athletic training – it is continuous and every session strengthens you.  You wouldn’t dream of running a marathon race without training first and just say to yourself I will do well because now it really counts!!  Approach studying the same way – train yourself!!

and the number one way to be successful in science class …

1.   Ask for help when difficulties arise!!!  We all need extra help sometimes – do not be afraid to ask.  The teacher is usually more than willing to give extra help!!

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