Type of Noun Definition Sentence Nouns

Common Noun

Names people, animals, places, and things.

A common noun names ordinary things. It is sometimes called a concrete noun because it can be touched.

1. I ate an apple.

2. There is a bird on the branch.

3. The teacher is marking a book.


bird, branch

teacher, book

Proper Noun

A proper noun is the specific name of something and somebody.

It is used to name people, places, days, months, educational subjects, and titles of films, books, and songs.

Proper nouns always start with a capital letter.

1. My name is Susan.

2. I live in Hummingbird Avenue, Port Elizabeth.

3. My birthday is next Tuesday, 31st March.

4. My term mark was 75% for History.

5. I am going to the movies on Friday to see Star Wars.


Hummingbird Avenue,
Port Elizabeth

Tuesday, March

Star Wars

Abstract Noun

An abstract noun is a noun that we can’t see, hear, smell, taste, or feel.

It is used to describe emotions and ideas.

1. I am full of anger.

2. He is filled with joy.

3. She must tell the truth.




Collective Noun

A collective noun is used to describe a group or collection of two or more persons, places, things, or ideas. 1. He shuffled the pack of cards.

2. There was a swarm of flies in the kitchen.

3. There was a convoy of trucks on the motorway.

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