Major Technological Advancements:

1837-Morse Code and Telegraph invented by Samuel F.B Morse, extremely important to the progression of communication technology.

1846- Sewing Machine by Elias Howe

1850- Oil refining first used, which is where crude oil is processed into gasoline, diesel, oil and more.

1858- Sewage system invented in London by Joseph Bazalgette. Extremely important, cleaned up the street of London and revolutionized waste management.

1859- Gas engine invented by Etienne Lenoir

1861- Machine/Gatling Gun invented by Richard J Gatling.

1876- Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.

1877- Thomas Edison invents phonograph and microphone.

1879- Thomas Edison invents incandescent lamp.

1896- Wireless telegraph invented by Marconi.

Major Scientific Discoveries:

1854- Cholera was discovered by John Snow to have been spread through water, not air, leading to improvements in housing and sewage systems.

1862- Pasteurization invented by Louis Pasteur.

1882- Tuberculosis was found by Robert Koch.

1896- Cause of malaria found by Ronald Ross

1896- X-Ray was invented, now used worldwide and integral to the medical field.

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