Pantomime: A play or entertainment in which the performers express themselves mutely by gestures, often to the accompaniment of music.

Basic Principles of Body Language

  • Your chest is the key to all bodily actions.
  • Your wrists lead most hand gestures.
  • Move your elbows away from your body when making hand or arm gestures.
  • Except on specific occasions when it is necessary for communication, do not gesture above your head or below your waist.
  • Opposite action emphasizes physical movement. Pulling your arm back before delivering a punch makes it more emphatic.
  • Positive emotions (love, courage) are obvious through a high chest and head, broad gestures, and animated facial expressions.
  • Negative emotions (hate, fear, suffering) contract and twist the body and are obvious through a sunken chest, tense movement, restricted gestures, and drawing facial expressions.
  • Facial expressions usually precede physical actions.
  • Whenever possible avoid covering your face.
  • Always keep the audience in mind and direct actions towards them.
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