Author: Possibly written by the apostle John although there is some debate as to whether this is the same John that wrote the gospel and epistles.

Date: Written from about 90-95 A.D.

Theme and Content

  • Written in apocalyptic style (uses symbolic language to describe visions)
  • Christ addresses the 7 churches
  • Tells of the Lord’s second coming and how Jesus will appear and believers will be taken to him
  • Talks about the final judgment and how believers and unbelievers will experience God’s justice
  • Talks of the defeat of Satan and that sin will be done away with
  • “666” the mark of the beast
  • Prophecies of Jesus are fulfilled
  • A new heaven and a new earth
  • Encourages Christians who are provoked by the unbelieving world to await with anticipation, Christ’s second coming
  • A book of hope

How and When Revelation Was Placed in the Canon

  • It was a part of the canon as soon as it was written
  • Was the last book to be put in the canon
  • Had been accepted by most churches as a part of a NT collection from its beginning, but it was not until 382 A.D. that the Synod of Rome gave an official approval that confirmed it as part of the NT canon

Requirements for a Book to be Placed in New Testament Canon

  • Must be of Apostolic origin
  • Must be received  and used by the historical churches
  • Must be consistent with the O.T. and Gospels
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