The table below lists the basic general characteristics that are used to differentiate between the different kingdoms.

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Type of cellsEukaryoticEukaryoticEukaryoticEukaryoticProkaryoticProkaryotic
Cell wallNoneYes (cellulose)Yes (chitin)NoneYes (peptidoglycan)Yes
Cell organizationMulticellularMulticellularMulticellularSingle celledSingle celledSingle celled
Heterophroph or Autotroph?HeterotrophAutotrophHeterotrophBothBothBoth
Method of reproductionMostly sexual but can be asexualMostly sexual but can be asexualBothBothAsexualAsexual
Example organismsSponges, worms, lobsters, starfish, humansMosses, ferns, conifers, flowering plantsMushrooms, yeasts, mouldsAlgae, amoebas, parameciumsMethanogens, thermophiles, halophilesBacteria, cyanobacteria

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Cycling of Organic Matter
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