Chapter 1:

–          “It’s up to us, who are the dominant race, to watch out or these other races will have control of things.” page 13(absurdity, mistake).  Racism was common back in the 1920s, but it is not common anymore nowadays, and it is against the law.

Chapter 2:

–          Page 28. Nick and all these people stop at this valley of ashes and buying dogs, which doesn’t make sense. Because no one would buy dogs during a long trip.

–          Page 35. Daisy makes the mistake of marrying Tom. She says, “When I married him. I knew right away I made a mistake.”(If daisy knows that she made a mistake, then why is she still married to Tom?)

Chapter 3:

–          Gatsby hosts party every week at his house, but he never talks to the people, Which is strange for a party host.

–          Gatsby is like a guest at his own party.

–          NO one in the party really knows who Gatsby is.

–          Gatsby has mysterious calls.  The people at the party have 2 dinners one night, which does not make any sense.

–          Enthusiastic meetings between women who never know each other.(absurdity. People are being hypocrite and pretend they know each other at the party)

Chapter 4:

–          Page 65. Gatsby says he is from middle west of USA, San Francisco.(this part doesn’t make sense at all because san Francisco isn’t at the middle west part of usa.

–          Page 62. A hobo is at gatsby’s party which does not fit in to this mansion he has. (not logic. How can a hobo get into Gatsby’ party.)

Chapter 5:

–          Page 93. Daisy cries because of a shirt.(absurdity). Her feeling toward that shirt is overwhelming.

–          Page 88. Gatsby should know how to start a conversation with girls since he is a party host. But now he acts like a boy and listen to what nick says about what to do with daisy.

–          People say Gatsby inherited all these properties and money, which are lies. Gatsby is a mafia man; he gains his money from drug business.

Chapter 6:

–          Page 109 paragraph 2-5, nick says that Gatsby is not a big bootlegger. But in fact, he is. Dan Cody is revealed by Gatsby in his flashback. He treats him as his real father. Gatsby never mentions his real parents.


–          Page 102. Gatsby brings up daisy in his conversation with tom, which really shouldn’t be.  He also offers tom a cigar.(absurdity)

–          Page 106. Daisy says “she is lovely” at a random girl.(lies)

–          Page 106. Daisy should not dance with Gatsby when her husband is present, this will make tom thinks that they have affairs.(mistake)

–          Page 106. Tom is not happy with Gatsby, but Daisy still want to dance with Gatsby, ignore her real husband. (absurdity)

Chapter 7:

–          Page 129. Gatsby calls up his parties, because of he is preoccupied by his love to daisy.

–          Gatsby tells tom that daisy loves him, not tom.(mistake)

–          In this chapter when Nick ask daisy that who she loves more, Tom or Gatsby. But Daisy give a weird answer she say that she love each person half, but she is the wife of Tom. (absurdity)

–          Gatsby borrow his car to Daisy, it makes her to kill Myrtle. And also it makes Myrtle husband Wilson to go killed Gatsby. Because Wilson think that Gatsby are the one who drive the car. (mistake that Gatsby made)

–          Daisy should not sit with Gatsby; he should sit with his own husband. (absurdity)

Chapter8 &9

–          1, Gatsby drinks for the first time in this novel, even though that he knows drinking is bad.(not logic, why would he drink if he already know that’s bad?)

–          2, Wilson believes what Tom says towards myrtle’s accident. (Absurdity, Wilson believes what he says and he does not even know Tom that well.)

–          3, (relationship, mistake) if Wilson does not lock his wife myrtle in the room, she would not run out and stop Gatsby’s car, and this whole murder-suicide won’t happen.

–          4, page 151. Daisy still dates a lot of random men when she is married to tom(absurdity, mistake)

–          5, page 149, Gatsby feel he is married to daisy. (Absurdity, Gatsby lives in his own fantasy world.)

–          6, Gatsby swim during October( not logic, it is too cold)

–          7, Gatsby should cover for daisy, or he wouldn’t get kill by Wilson easily. (Mistake) he thinks that he will go to jail for the worst situation, but in fact, it’s not that easy.

Wilson’s misunderstanding to myrtle and Gatsby causes everything including Gatsby’s death at the end of the novel.

Tom, Gatsby’s argument in the hotel in New York (absurdity). These two men are arguing who does daisy loves more.

Wilson and myrtle, and the dog collar (relationship)

Nick realizes he is in the bootlegging business after Gatsby’s death

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