The story speaks of two girls who are born to be comrades. Annabel and Midge live in the same milieu and like to eat the same kind of foods and sandwiches. The author describes in detail the way of living of these two friends.

They like to eat sandwiches full of sugar, chocolate, butter, and sometimes they like to eat patties. These two girls work in the same office as a stenographer. They are alike in shape, but they are different in their features.

They have fat bellies and lean flanks. Their styles in the movement are the same. The author out of this description likes to say that these two girls are alike in shape for they are living the standard living. Both of them live with their family and they have the same hope. Had any one of them changed the way of her living she would have become different in manner.

Once Annabel had invented or evolved a new game Midge became not as Annabel in manner, behavior, or hope. Annabel played a new game, she asked a question: “What you would do if you had a million dollars?” Midge took the question seriously and added to it that in order to take these million dollars you have to spend every nickel of it on yourself.

Annabel and Midge asked this question to Sylvia – a girl working in the same office.

Sylvia answered that I like to hire a person to shoot Mrs. Cary Cooper. The two girls laughed at her and Sylvia lost the game for they like to use these million dollars for good purposes.

When Midge asked Annabel the same question Annabel answered that she would like to buy a silver- fox coat. Midge did not agree with her answer and told her that this proposal is a common one. Here the two girls became different in their dream and for a while, they did not speak with each other.

This is the main purpose of the writer. That the two girls are friends for they have no dreams, no money, and no change in the standard of living. The next purpose of the author is that when the two girls agreed to buy a string of pearls. They walked along Fifth Avenue and entered a shop to buy this string of pearls.

Hearing that it costs two hundred fifty thousand dollars they move away and began to dream again. They wanted to dream of more money to buy more valuable things that are not common. Midge asked Annabel that supposes the owner of the string of pearls dies and likes to leave you ten million dollars, “what would be the first thing you would do.”

Here we can say that the two girls will not be satisfied in their life. Had one of them gained money, the two girls will not be friends again. So, according to the writer contentment is an essential thing in our life.

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