–          As the human population keeps increasing (it’s over 6 billion people right now), we keep requiring more and more energy.

–          Using too much energy places stress on our energy production systems and may cause blackouts when we need the energy the most.


–          In order to conserve (save) energy, we need to identify how we use different types of energy.

–          Remember that electrical energy is transformed into four different types of energy: heat, light, sound, and mechanical energy.

–          What kinds of devices do you have in your homes?

–          Conserving energy has two benefits to all consumers of energy: it is less expensive and it places less stress on the environment.


–          Most Canadians use energy in the following ways:

  • Most energy is used to heat (furnaces and heaters) and cool (air conditioners and fans) homes.
  • The next major use of energy is for heating water (showers, baths, washing clothes, etc)
  • The next major use of energy is in running appliances such as fridges, ovens, toasters, washer and dryers, dishwasher, computers, TVs, etc.
  • Finally, the average home uses 15% of its electricity for lighting.

–          How can we conserve energy when we use so much of it everyday?

–          We can try the following:

  • Empty the lint tray every time clothes are dried.  This will allow the dryer to function at a faster rate and use less electricity.
  • Only turn on the TV when it is being used, and lights on only when needed.  Only turn on dishwashers when they’re full.
  • Close blinds and keep windows shut when using air conditioning.
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