• Energy efficiency is one area that scientists are focusing on to decrease the worlds overall energy use
  • Energy efficiency in buildings is one of the top priorities in energy conservation
  • There are many different ways that we can make an older building more energy efficient
  • Simple ways to improve a building’s efficiency
  • Insulate and Plug Leaks
  • Use energy-efficient windows
  • Stop other heating and cooling losses
  • Heat living and working spaces more efficiently
  • Heat water more efficiently
  • Use energy efficient appliances and lighting
  • Cut off electrical devices when not using them

Auditing Energy Efficiency

  • In order to determine if a building is energy efficient or not, we use an energy audit.
  • Professional companies will take exact measurements and specific details about how energy efficient a building is
  • We will conduct a simpler, more qualitative analysis of both the school and your home

Energy Audit

  • We will be looking at the following criteria for energy efficiency:
  • Light bulbs
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Room temperature and heating
  • Room dynamics
  • Appliance Use

Light Bulbs

  • Fluorescent bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.
  • Fluorescent bulbs cost more, but save money in the long run
  • A simple way to improve the energy efficiency of a building is to switch all light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs

Windows and Doors

  • If you feel/detect air moving underneath or between windows and doors than heat is also being lost or gained through those cracks.
  • Drafty windows and doors are considered inefficient and energy wasting
  • Intense sunlight needs to be blocked from entering rooms during summer months and allowed to enter during winter months
  • This helps lower the dependency on heating and cooling by electrical devices

Room temperature and heating

  • The temperature that a room is maintained at tells a lot about the energy efficiency of that room
  • Room temperature is on average 22°C.  A room is colder/warming than that is wasting heat energy (either through loss or by over heating/cooling)
  • Having the ability to control the amount of heat (or air conditioned air) that is entering a room helps to improve efficiency.
  • A room that is under automatic heating control is energy inefficient, because its temperature cannot be adjusted to reflect the weather outside
  • Obstructions to heating vents block air from circulating (and heating the room) requiring more energy to be put in to regulate the room temperature

Room dynamics

  • Carpeting and floor covers make a room more energy efficient by conserving heat
  • The higher the ceiling is in a room, the more energy is lost trying to heat the room all the way to the top.  Hot air rises so a room is in fact heated from top to bottom

Appliance Use

  • Computers require a large amount of energy
  • Turning them off when they are not in use is a big energy saving practice
  • New appliances have been modified to save on energy.  Older appliances tend to require large amounts of energy and waste a lot of it
  • Newer appliances all have blue “efficiency” stickers which indicate how much energy they save
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