Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier is the world’s largest system of coral reefs. The Great Barrier Reef is made up of more than 2000 individual reefs and it extends 2000 kilometres. The Great Barrier Reef stretches 2300 kilometres along the Northeast coast of Australia going from Queenstown to Bundaberg.  Ocean animals called coral form the limestone structures of the Great Barrier Reef. There are 400 different species of coral on the reef. Coral is a

strip or ridge of rocks, sand, or coral that rises to or near the surface of a body of water. The only way we can utilize the Great Barrier Reef is by tourism. The Australian government passed strict laws saying that the reef would only be accessible by tourists and their guides.

Aspen Mountain, USA

Aspen is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world. It is located in the state of Colorado. Aspen is in the southern part of the Rocky Mountains. Aspen Mountain’s elevation is 2422 metres. The summit elevation is 3417 metres. The terrain of Aspen is 673 acres or 270 hectares. Aspen Mountain is the flagship of the Aspen ski resort. It offers an excellent challenge to intermediate to expert skiers because the steep mountains and their many bumps. Aspen is well known for being the home to many of the rich and the famous across the world. Aspen is well known for its extensive arts, culture and cosmopolitan nightlife. Aspen has many restaurants and shopping malls to choose from. Aspen also places a major emphasis on their silver mining heritage.

Honshu Island, Japan

Honshu is one of the most densely populated islands on the planet. There are 98 352 000 people living on the island. Honshu is part of the country of Japan.  Japan is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is 230 510 square kilometers. Honshu is the largest island in Japan. The major cities on the island are Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Honshu is a very mountainous island. It consists of volcanoes as well. The largest mountain is Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji stands at 3776 metres. The Shinano is the largest river in Japan. The Shinano travels through central Honshu. This river basically feeds the hydroelectric plants. Japan has many large industries. The largest include the electronic, metallurgical, chemical and textile industries. Most of the great ports of Japan are in Honshu.

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