The human body works best at 37°C, with a 0.1% blood sugar level and a blood pH level of 7.35

The external environment and making demands on your body do not always provide the ideal conditions for life

Your body must adjust these variations to maintain a stable internal environment

Homeostasis is a term used to describes the body’s attempt to adjust to a fluctuation external environment

Homeostasis is maintained through constant monitoring and feedback about body conditions

Homeostatic control systems require:

-a monitor; receptors signal the coordination centre when internal environment levels move away from normal limits

-a coordination centre; relay information to the appropriate regulator

-a regulator; helps to restore the normal balance

Feedback Systems

Negative Feedback Systems:

-make adjustments to bring the body back within an acceptable range

-ex. A household thermostat

Positive Feedback Systems:

-move the controlled variable even further away from a steady state

-ex. The human birth process

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