-PERSONALITY! This is very important! Chances are this will get you the job over someone with the same qualification. You want to demonstrate that you are a good fit to the organization and the job you are applying for. Always show that you are enthusiastic, positive, and professional.

-Show initiative and leadership. In your answer, you always want to talk about so what. Show that you can turn data into trends and analysis. Show that you can make something difficult into something simple for people.

-Go into an interview with an understanding of common organizational issues such as: deadlines, conflicts, communication between departments, communication from senior managers to staff, ineffective processes etc and offer solutions

-Nothing in the real world functions perfectly. Show that you understand problems can happen and you know how to solve problems. For example, even if you talk about how good you are with deadlines, be ready to talk about how to deal with a situation where a deadline couldn’t be met.

-Always use examples! When you talk about something, give examples of what you encountered in the past to support your answer. If you can’t, then come up with something hypothetical but examples are important!

-Prepare your MINDSET not how to answer certain questions. If you have an approach or a personality you can answer any question with ease.

Here are some common questions relating to job experience:

-Walk me through your resume. Describe to me what you’ve done up to this point in your career.

-What is the biggest highlight in your career?
-Where do you see yourself in the future?
-Talk about a time when you had to …

Common behavioural questions:

-Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses
-Why do you want to join the organization?
-How do you deal with conflicts with other coworkers?
-What type of manager do you like to work for?
-What type of environment do you like to work for?

Lastly, remember to be a leader and stand out from the rest! Good luck!

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