There were nearly 5000 items found in the King Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter at KV62 (Kings’ Valley site 62). Some examples of those items were:

Statue of Anubis:

The statue of Anubis was found in King Tut’s tomb by Howard Carter. The statue is of the god Anubis, a human with a jackal’s head who was thought to watch over the dead because Egyptians often found jackals around cemeteries.

Who – The statue was made by Egyptians in the pharaoh Akhenaten’s rule.

What – The statue is made of wood and painted intricately with black, silver and gold. 

When – The statue of Anubis was created before king tuts death in 1323.

Where – The statue was found in king Tut’s tomb, KV62, Valley of the kings, ancient Egypt.

Why – The statue of Anubis was put in king Tut’s tomb to watch over his body in the afterlife. The statue represents the presence of the deity, who was believed to guard the dead and punish grave robbers.

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The Statue of Ptah:

Ptah was the oldest Egyptian deity, creator of the universe and all of Egypt. He made sure people got to the afterlife. Ptah was often described as the handsome and “Benevolent of Face”

Who – The statue was created by Setau, the Viceroy of Kush under the rule of Ramesses II.

What – The statue of Ptah was made out of gilded wood.

When – The statue would’ve been made before 1323 BC.

Where – The statue was found in king tuts tomb, KV62, Valley of the kings, ancient Egypt.

Why – The Egyptian god Ptah was a deity believed to be a creator god and listen to individuals’ prayers.

Leopard Head:

This item was found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922 The leopard head was attached to priests’ clothes while they were performing the opening of the mouth ceremony.

Who – The leopard head was created by Egyptians (possibly under the rule of Tuthmosis III).

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What – The leopard was made from wood, covered in gesso and overlaid with gold. The eyes are made from translucent quartz.

When – The leopard head was made around 18th dynasty Egypt (1567 – 1320 BC).

Where – The statue was found in king tuts tomb, KV62, Valley of the kings, ancient Egypt.

Why – The leopards symbolized strength and were widely regarded for their fearsome nature and physical attributes.                                                                                  

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