Chapter 1

This story starts out with Gillian Lennox walking home from school. Gillian was going to get ride from a friend but she had already left. When she reached the wooded area she heard crying. She went to investigate. She followed the sound to the creek where she lost her balance and fell in the icy river.

Chapter 2

She worked her way over to the left bank and grabbed some roots as she went by and she was able to hold on and pull herself out of the river. She was now trying to find a way out of the woods. She had trouble walking so she took off her jacket, but she still kept on falling. She finally sat down and fell asleep, waking up to a girl who was she. Gillian saw a tunnel and rushed toward it. She realized she was dead.

Chapter 3

Next thing Gillian knew she saw an angel. This angel gave her a choice. He said that it was not her time and that she had the choice on whether to go back or stay. She decided to go back. When she got back to the place she had left, the angel told her which way to go. When she got to the road she waved down the only car on the road it was David Blackburn. He got her in the car and started to drive her home, when she realized she had forgotten about the cries she heard in the forest. She told David to stop but he kept driving.

Chapter 4

As David got her in the house, he promised her she would never have to walk to school again, he would give her rides. He started to get her a bath and get her undressed when David’s girlfriend, Tanya came in and told him she would take care of Gillian. David called the police and got her some chocolate. Tanya asked him how old that he thought Gillian was, he said 13, but she was not she was a junior in the same high school that David and Tanya went to. When Gillian got them to leave, her mother came out and asked what was going on. Gillian just said nothing and went to bed. She fell asleep questioning herself about life and death. Later she woke up to a strange light.

Chapter 5

But it was not a light it was a presence. She looked in the corner and saw the angel. He talked to her about how he had saved her from freezing. He was also her guardian angel. He knew her desires and told her that he could make David fall in love with her and make the whole school think she was hot. In return all she had to do was trust him. He said to prove that she trusted him, to go get a pair of scissors. She went through with it and got her hair cut, even though in the end it looked terrible. She awoke in the morning, her parents had left but her friend Amy was there. When she saw Gillian she screamed.

Chapter 6

Amy was surprised at Gillian’s new look. So was her mother. Since Gillian’s hair was uneven, her mother fixed it. Gillian asked her mom where her dad was, her mom said he left. When she went and got dressed, she dressed differently, almost sexy like. Gillian was going to get a ride with Amy, but David showed up and reminded her about his promise. He also pulled over and almost kissed her.

Chapter 7

David and Gillian finally arrived at school after saying that it was not right because of Tanya. Many people stared and laughed but mostly the guys stared. In Biology class, she asked the teacher for a book and notes. He had no idea who she was at first. All the guys in the class raised their hands in class to volunteer to share notes with her. Guys were talking to her, asking her to parties.

Chapter 8

All day through school Gillian was bombarded with letters of offers and help. In lunch she sat alone until people called for her and to sit at their table. All of a sudden she heard people talking about her mother. Everyone else agreed that they hated rumors. Next thing they heard was glass falling. David got people out from under the window before it fell. After school, Gillian met with Tanya to confront her about the rumors & David.

Chapter 9

While they were talking David showed up and heard the whole thing. When she left the building, there was a group of guys waiting to give her a ride. Gillian picked Cory. When she got home she fell asleep. She woke up and had dinner. After dinner David called. He and Tanya had broken up and he had offered to drive Gillian to the party on Saturday night. She accepted. At the party everyone was looking at her. After everyone had greeted her, David and Gillian headed upstairs to be alone for a few minutes. They talked about how they felt. Angel soon interrupted them, telling Gillian to go to another room and listen in on another conversation between Tanya and another girl.

Chapter 10

The other girl swore she did not say anything to Gillian about her affair with Bruce. Tanya was planning revenge. She was planning to ruin David’s dream of going to college, by telling all lies. She did not say anything about what was going to happen to Gillian. Angel had a plan, but Gillian had to go home. David brought Gillian home. Angel started to tell Gillian a story about he great-grandma being a witch. He said that Gillian also had the blood of a witch, and that when the window and mirror broke it was her not him. The next morning Gillian and Angel went shopping, for Dragon’s Blood, all for Tanya.

Chapter 11

By the time they left the store they had everything they needed to execute the plan. The plan was to cast a spell on Tanya so she could not hurt David & Kim so that she could not spread the word. That next morning Gillian left for school. She had to see if the spells had worked. When she got to school, the first person she talked to was J. Z., who said Tanya had a real bad rash on her arm. Also Kim was absent because of strep throat. That night Gillian found out that she was in love with Angel, and she already knew he was in love with her. The next day at school, Gillian found out that Tanya was having complications. Later on in the day, candy canes were delivered to the people who had them sent to them. Gillian had a pile so high, that a picture was taken for the yearbook. Angel suggested that she try more stuff, besides spells.

Chapter 12

Angel brought Gillian to a place where witches meet. A boy pulled her out saying that she better leave, she did not belong there. So she left, against what Angel was telling her. Angel tried to make her go back but they never went back. They went home.

Chapter 13

It was 5 days till Christmas and Gillian still did not have a tree. David told her that he would take her out and get a big tree for free. David had not been talking a lot that night. Gillian asked why. He said that Tanya has a flesh-eating disease and that she might lose a finger. On the drive back, Angel went ballistic saying that David will love her more if he had a near death experience. All Gillian wanted to know, was how to reverse the spell that she had put on Tanya and Amy. Angel took control of the car and made it crash into a pole. Gillian managed to survive unharmed but David did not. He was unconscious. Gillian wanted to see David in the hospital but no one would let her. A nurse had to sedate her. The next morning when she woke up, she tried to fix what she did to Tanya and Amy. Afterwards she called a friend, and told him find Amy and tell her to meet her. When Amy arrived at the meeting place, Gillian asked to borrow the car. Amy said that she could. Gillian got in the car and he r first stop was to see David. At the hospital David asked if she had done something to get her mad and crash the car. She said no. All of a sudden David said “I Love You” to Gillian, and he meant it. She told him the whole story about her and Angel, and David told his story.

Chapter 14

Gillian was going to go back to the shop where she bought the Dragon’s Blood and find out if the girl there knew anything. She arrived at the shop and talked to the girl. The girl said that Gillian was a witch. The girl told her that Angel was not an angel or a devil, but a spirit. Gillian found out that the Night World would help her if they knew she was a Witch Princess.

Chapter 15

Just as Gillian left the store, the girl wished her luck. The girl also said that the spirit will hang around the place that he died. That helped Gillian very much. She went to a cemetery hoping to find him and his gravestone. Angel showed up and confronted her there. Angel led her to his gravestone. His real name, before he died, was Gary Fargeon. Gary was a distant relative of Gillian. He was the great-grandson of the twin brother and his twin sister just happened to be Gillian’s great-grandma. Gillian knew she had to find out what his unfinished business was to set him free. At first he did not want to tell her but he eventual gave in. He was in the forest making a spell that had to do with fire. All of a sudden Paula ran into the woods following her dog. The circle broke and fire quickly spread quickly killing Paula. So he stopped the car and buried her in the snow. He had died in a car accident on the night of Paula’s death. He was drinking and driving, when he wrapped his car around a tr ee. Gillian figured out that his unfinished business was to find the body and tell the parents. He showed her where the body was.

Chapter 16

Later David joined her to help dig up the body. After they found it they went to the police and Paula’s father came over to where Paula lay. He said that he forgave whoever killed his daughter. Afterwards Gary asked if Gillian had forgiven him, She had. They promised each other that they would never forget what had happened. Then he was taken to light just like most shows on TV.

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