At a young age…

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  • Noam Chomsky was born in Philadelphia, the older son of a professor of Hebrew who had emigrated from Russia in 1913.
  • From early childhood he always displayed linguistic carefulness
  • At 10 he was able to read his father’s edition of a Hebrew grammar of the 13th century

School life…

  • In 1945 Noam Chomsky enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania to study philosophy and Arabic while living at home and teaching at a Hebrew school
  • In his second 2 years of University his interest were more involved with socialism and Zionism (a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.)
  • Noam wished he could of drop out of school to go to Israel and promote Arab-Jewish cooperation in a socialist framework
  • In 1949 (the year he married) he earned a B.A. with graduate courses in linguistics, philosophy, mathematics, and Hebrew
  • In 1955 Noam earned his Ph.D. in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania for a thesis on “Transformational Analysis.”
  • Also in that year noam Chomsky became an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and in 1961, a full professor.

Teachings, opinions, philosophies…

  • Noam Chomsky’s description of his goal as a linguist: “To find the principles common to all languages that enable people to speak creatively and freely”
  • Chomsky’s work implies that an understanding of the rules of a language throws light on the principles that regulate human thought.

  • Noam’s challenging of traditional views of how language develops, is considered to have revolutionized the study of linguistics.

  • His first book, ‘Syntactic Structures’, published in 1957, outlines his system of transformational grammar. He also published ‘Manufacturing Consent’, the media is filter through a number of lenses before information reaches the public. And ‘Failed States’, a society ruled by corporate powers that work hand in hand with government to enlarge their own profits and suppress the needs and desires of a majority of the American people
  • He deeply mistrusts the US government, business and, yes, the press, all of which he sees as serving the same ingratiating capitalist system
  • Language, he has taught, is generated through an inborn ability in the individual. Once generated, language is liable to infinite creative variation
  • Chomsky has aimed to expose much of U.S. policy as a mask for irresponsible power and unjustified privilege, and he has insisted that the so-called free press promotes a ineffective conventionality in American intellectual life

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