King William’s War Resulting Significance: first war between New France and New England.  All boarders remained the same after the war, therefore not but changed.  Peace only lasted for five years, and then next war begun.  Iroquois suffered from New England’s losses, and were neutral in the beginning of the next war.

Queen Anne’s War Resulting Significance: Britain gains more ground after the battles, fights French in the north and Spain in the south.  Also succession to the Spanish throne, though southern war almost wiped out Indian Spanish population.  Followed by thirty years of peace, it was considered the “Golden Age”.

King George’s War Resulting Significance: The peace treaty, which restored all colonial borders to their pre-war status, did little to end the tension between France, Britain, and their respective colonies, nor did it resolve any territorial disputes.  Only eight years of peace before next war happens.  After, Austria switched allegiance which began the French-Indian War.

French-Indian War Resulting Significance: Britain now has most of the power in North America and covers a lot more territory.  The end of new France and the end of over 150 years of conflict between Britain and France for control of North America.

North American Colonial War European NameYearsDefendersAggressors Major BattlesPeace TreatyPeace Terms
King William’s WarWar of the Grand Alliance1668-1697-Britain-French-William Phips captures Acadia and Port Royal

-battle of Quebec: Frontenac holds court, gets Port Royal back.

Treaty of Ryswick


-1697, both sides sign treaty

-agree status quo ante bellum, meaning boarders remain the same as before the war.

Queen Anne’s WarWar of the Spanish Succession1702-1713-Britain-French


-French raid at Deerfield in 1704

-port royal taken in 1710

-series of other raids by both Fr and Br.

Treaty of Utrecht


-resulted in Br getting Hudson Bay, Acadia, and Newfoundland

-Fr retained Cape Britain and other islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

King George’s WarWar of Austrian succession1744-1748-Britain-France


-first got news of the war in 1744 Louisburg Fr, attacked Nova Scotia,

-then New York in 1745

-Br captured Louisburg in 1745

Treaty of Aix-la-Chappell


-Br. returned Louisburg to the Fr. in return for Madras in India

-London reimbursed the colonial government

French-Indian WarSeven Years War1754-1763-Britain-French

-Native Americans

-Acadians are expelled and Br again capture Louisburg

-Fr attack George Washington’s force

-Quebec is taken

Treaty of Paris


-Fr cedes all territories to Br except for a few islands off NFLD.
Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery: Summary & Analysis

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