• The part of the earth that is made up of rocks and minerals, consists of the uppermost layers of the earth
  • Came into being billions of years ago and still continues to change and evolve
  • Changes to the worlds land masses, tectonic plates
  • Volcanoes, earthquakes


  • The part of the earth made up of water in all its forms
  • Continuously flowing through the lithosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere in a system called the hydrologic cycle
  • Ocean waves, frozen water in the Arctic


  • The part of the earth that is made up of gases or vapours
  • The atmosphere is fluid; is made up of various gases, it has mass; and it consists of layers
  • Tornadoes, the Northern Lights or aurora borealis


  • The part of the earth that is made up of living organisms, such as plants, animals and bacteria
  • Humans are the only creatures in the history of the world that have dominated the planet
  • Dynamic and constantly changing
  • Leaf and butterfly, humans

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