The parable of the wise and foolish builders is a parable told by Jesus telling people to listen to his advice. Jesus takes the man who built his house on the rock as an example.

In extreme conditions the man whose house was built on a rock survived through the storm. The foolish builder built his house on sand and his house was completely destroyed in the same conditions.

The significance of this story for me was that Jesus said how the wise builder built his house on the rock. This is an obvious reference to Jesus, who is known as the rock in the Christian religion. Jesus is a firm and sturdy foundation for Christianity, making him the rock.

Meanwhile, the wise builder who built his house on a rock, has a firm and sturdy foundation that he can depend on in hard times, much like Christians around the world know that they can depend on Jesus when they are enduring hard times.

This story teaches so much about God which is explained through Jesus. By Jesus explaining in this parable that people should listen to him, he is spreading the word of God.

This teaches us that when we listen to God, we will be saved from disasters as opposed to when we turn away from him and have something that is important be destroyed.  This parable is similar to that of the story of Noah’s Ark. Noah takes the word of God and he is saved, unlike everyone else who is foolish and does not take God’s advice.

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