With onset of Cold War in late 1940s began 2nd Red Scare.  This included:

  • House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was est. in WW2 to investigate ‘unpatriotic behavior’- late 1940s devoted to catching Communists

-Highest profile investigation into Hollywood motion picture industry- produced a list called ‘The Red Channels’ identifying suspected Commies in Hollywood

  • High profile spy cases:

Alger Hiss Case– Aide to FDR, Secretary-General of UN, accused of spying for USSR- jailed for 5 yrs

Rosenberg Case– Married couple accused of supplying nuclear secrets to USSR- convicted and killed via death penalty

  • McCarthyism- term describing the hunt for Communists inside U.S.

-Primary targets were gov’t officials, educators, union leaders, entertainment figures

-many people suffered loss of employment, destruction of reputation, imprisonment based on suspect evidence, or tactics deemed unconstitutional

Joseph McCarthy– senator from Wisconsin who became most famous anti-Communist when he claimed to have a list of Commies in state department in 1950

President Eisenhower often criticized for not doing enough to restrain McCarthy

-McCarthy eventually condemned by Senate when he accused members of the armed forces, and showed himself to be an unscrupulous bully during televised hearings

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