Establishing shot – creates setting and constructs spatial patterns

Two shot – standard Hollywood practice for a conversation

Reestablishing shot – remind us where we are or return to a familiar image we’ve seen before

Insert- brief shot that draws our attention to something we might have missed if a longer shot hadn’t been interrupted

180 degree rule – primary rule of continuity edition, as if the room or setting was bisected by an imaginary axis of action

30 degree rule – to preserve idea of continuity, no shot can be made which has changed its angle more than 30 degree from the preceding shot

Shot-reverse shot – used during conversation. A character at one en of 180-degree line is speaking to another at the other end. Subsequent two shots will follow the pattern for spatial continuity.

Eyeline match – device which suggests that when a character looks off camera, the subsequent shot will reveal what they’re looking at. Continuity of physical space

POV shot – from the perspective of the viewer; often used to simulate a personal experience.

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