Name Timeline Love Marriage Children Employment Extra notes
Tony Walker

Working/ Lower Class

7 – wanted to be a jockey

14– wants a baby son when he grows up

21– “on the knowledge”

28– owned his own cab

-Taking acting lessons to make $

– married Debbie

35– made a movie about his life (wasn’t a big production)

-parents died

-had three children

42– marriage seemed to be in trouble

49– took second mortgage out on the London home and bought a vacation home

-have grandchildren

– had a loving childhood

-parents died (28); Tony and his wife took this very hard

-gives all the love that he can to his children and grand children

-never really spoke about marriage at a young age

-was married at (28)

-were having marital issues around the age of (42)

-communication issues between the couple; Tony had regrets on the communication issues

– bickering taking place while cameras are rolling

-always had intentions of having children

-loves his children very much and speaks highly of them

-daughter had a tough time with his first lover (the father of her children); Tony a very important part of his grandchildren’s lives

-always had the intentions of being successful

-wanted to be a jockey (7) but was unsuccessful

-took acting classes (28) to make money/ pay bills

-was a cab driver (28) and was very happy with his job

-traditionalist; likes to be with his own people

– working man; angered by having to pay new expenses because of new people coming into his area

Bruce Balden

Working Class

7– put in boarding school at a young age

-parents divorced around age 5

21– in Oxford Uni.; reading math

28– Teaching in East London

35– Teaching in Bangladesh

42– Running math department in an all girls school in the East end of London

-had children

-Married Penny

49- Teaching at an all boys school

-was put into boarding school as a child for a stable environment;

-beaten on at school

– parents divorced age 5

-had issues with love as a child because of separation from father

-taking the lack of love his had as a child and giving it to his children

-wanted to get married from a young age, but focused more on his job

-married at 42

-relationship with his wife  is healthy

-Bruce and Penny have good communication and don’t fight very often; positive aspect in his life

– was more focused growing up about job than children

-had children at 42

-was worried about outcome of his children; protective and wanted them to turn out well

-loves them so much

-was always employment driven; driven to teach people

-wanted to play professional cricket; never did

-instead coaches a team and plays for fun

-relatively happy with the outcome of his life

-became to doubt himself as a teacher; students wore him down and gave up teaching around 49

-says that family and careers overtake your dreams


Upper class

7- Planned to go to college court and continue on to Cambridge

-went to a private school

14-wants to be a politician; have $ and power

21- Wanted to be a barrister

35- Lawyer;

-had a house in London and in the country

-very wealthy

-Married  Clair (Daughter of a former Ambassador)

42- Became a part of Queen’s Corner (still a lawyer)

49- stopped teaching

-went to private school; “rich kids make fun of the poor kids

-had very little interaction with parents (could have influenced the rude behaviour to the poor kids)

-Family traditions in Bulgaria very important

-got his career set before marriage

-married in to wealth

– Family traditions very important to him (influence of wealth) could have influenced him on his choice to marry the Ambassador’s daughter

-never talked about having children at any age; didn’t have children

-instead of having his own children, John started a parallel education system for disable children  (family built school at the end of the 19th century)

-had his entire future planned out at age 7 (focused)

-kept to a focused structured life plan and married after he got his career set

-played piano at a young age but developed arthritis later on in life

-was worried about  making the movie because of publicity; this is “real life” tv

-headmaster of his school forced him to make the film

Susan Sullivan

Working/ upper class

7- upper class; can tell by the way she talks

-Claimed she had a boyfriend who was 13


21- heavy smoker

-says she cynical

28- No longer smoking

-changed because she met Rupert


42- has been married 27 years

-relies on husband

Believes they’re perfect for each other

49- finally happy in her own skin

-able to live with the wrong decisions she has made in the past

-had a privileged childhood

-didn’t take on responsibilities until later on in life

-could be from wealth; (resources so accessible didn’t feel the need to try and do things on her own)

-wanted to be married at a young age but was not looking for something

-believed that her husband changed her life and made her a better person

-very loving relationship between the two

7- wanted kids

21- hated kids

28 – had two sons

35- had another daughter

-the influence of her husband and they’re love changed her attitude towards having children

-her career was not present in the film -didn’t enjoy making the movie

-felt as though the movie opened old wounds every seven years that she didn’t like to be reminded of

-likes her privacy

Nick Hitchon

Middle/ Upper Class

7- farmer’s son

14- boarding school

21-studying physics at Oxford Uni.

28- moved to America; Nuclear Fusion at the Uni. of Wisconsin

-got married to Jackie and had a son

35- Associate professor

-got divorced around 34

-got remarried around 35 to Chris

42- full professor

-wanted to be a famous professor

-visited home

49- Abandoned research

-had struggles with love and pleasing people

-second wife says he changed too easily to please her

-family very important to him; family momentums in his house

7- says he doesn’t answer questions about girls (kept to this until 21)

-got married at 28 to Jackie

-got divorced 6 years later; believed he could have been braver in his marriage; upset by outcome and somewhat blamed him self

-remarried around 35; so drawn and in love with each other

Had a son at 28

-once divorced and remarried, wanted to have another child together, but never did

– worried about his son and the outcome of the divorce

-Boundary caused between his son and him; very upset by the separation

– was very focused and successful with his job; was more focused on job

-being focused on career could have affected his first marriage outcome

-was taken back to England at age 42; misses home and the separation of his parents (from him living in the US and them in England)
Neil Hughes

Lower Class

7- lives in Liverpool/lower class

-dreamed of going to Oxford; being an astronaut or a coach driver or go into politics

14- went to boarding school

21- Went to Aberdeen but dropped out after 1st term

-working on a building site; living in a squat

28-homeless; wanted to be of some importance

-believes he would be miserable living in stability

35- Living in council state (co-op)

-in Shetlands (most N place in Scotland); escaping reality

-getting used to his life style

-plans in seven years to be wandering streets of London

42- Moved to London; living with Bruce

-town counsellor

-knew it was time to get into politics

-has his own car

49- Moved to Cambria

-part of local town council (liberal democrat)

-says he’s doing his best; says London wasn’t right for him

-Age 7 had a good relationship with his father

-14-21 felt as though his parents did nothing for him

-28, wanted to be able to help his parents in the future

-father died (when he was 30)

-their relationship deteriorated over the years

-lacked love and communication with others as he moved around homeless; caused to him act paranoid, go mad, and question his sanity

– pictured getting married as he went on through life

-never did get married

-his lack on interaction when younger could have affected this outcome

-age 7-28 didn’t want children

-believed that since the child would be half of him, the child could turn out to be like him; this worried him

-never had children

-has high hopes and dreams as a child

-reality of hard work seemed to discourage him, causing him to drop out of school and become homeless; $ a factor as well

-getting his live together around 35 was of big importance in his life; realizing it was time to have a career

-always knew he wanted to get into politics and achieved that goal

-said people worried about him losing his sanity

-age 7-28 didn’t believe in God

-35-42 started to become involved with the church

-age 49- believed faith helped him to get through struggles in life and became very dedicated to the church (life experiences changing attitude)

-“have to make due with reality”

-“life comes once and it’s quite short, and you have to appreciate the positive things”

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