• Dr. Howard Gardner is a professor of education at Harvard University, he is also a psychologist.
  • In 1983 Gardner developed the theory of multiple intelligences.
    • It suggested that the original notion of intelligence based on an I.Q. test was far too limited.
  • Gardner came up with 8 different intelligences to account for the broader range of intelligence in people. The intelligences are:
    • Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence:
      • Theory: People who display a facility with words and languages.
      • They’re very good at reading and writing.
    • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence:
      • Theory: People who excel with the traditional mathematical ability.
      • They have a very scientific way of looking at things.
    • Visual-Spatial Intelligence:
      • Theory: People who are very good at visualizing and mentally manipulating objects.
      • They have a strong memory and are very good at art.
    • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence:
      • Theory: People who learn better by involving muscular movements.
      • Good at physical activities and building things.
    • Musical Intelligence:
      • Theory: People who are good with rhythm, tones, sounds and music.
      • Use songs or rhythms to learn and memorize information.
    • Interpersonal Intelligence:
      • Theory: People who are sensitive to other people and their emotions.
      • Learn best when working with others.
    • Intrapersonal Intelligence:
      • Theory: People who like to work alone and not with others.
      • Have to perfect the task they take on.
    • Naturalist Intelligence:
      • Theory: People who learn better when subject involves collecting or analyzing something related to nature.
      • Not an original intelligence, it was added in 1997.
  • His discovery of the multiple intelligences was very important because it made people realize that just because someone is not book smart, does not mean that they are not smart in other areas.
  • Important because his theory proposes transformations in the way schools are run.
    • Teachers need to be able to teach to suit all intelligences.
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